Above and Beyond of the Upstate strives to provide quality Early Intervention services to children with special needs and/or developmental delays. Our focus is to ensure these individuals are able to reach their maximum potential. Above and Beyond of the Upstate has a family centered approach to coordinating and providing support to families. Family to family interaction


There are two important elements of Above and Beyond of the Upstate’s Early Intervention services: Family Training and Service Coordination.  Family Training involves the hands-on approach to Early Intervention. This process involves the therapist working with both child and family to demonstrate developmentally appropriate activities which increase the child’s cognitive skills. The family will integrate these techniques at home with their child to maximize developmental progress.


The Service Coordination element requires the Early Interventionist to provide the family and child with coordinating services. These services are not limited to but include making referrals to outside agencies for additional therapies including:

-Physical Therapy

-Occupational Therapy

-Speech Therapy

-ABA Therapy.


Service coordination also incorporates researching information which is provided to families. An integral part of the service coordination is planning developmentally appropriate activities as well as attending IEP meetings and doctor’s appointments with the family. The therapist will function as an advocate for the child. The Early Interventionist will also complete assessments on a regular basis to determine the progress of the child. The expectation is for the child to show improvement while receiving Early Intervention services.